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          Company Profile
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          Homefriend & Fuji elevator Co.,Ltd. is a large professional elevator manufacturing enterprise which integrates R & D, design, production, sales and installation, and after-sales service. The products cover passenger elevator, sightseeing elevator, medical elevator, cargo elevator, dumbwaiter,escalators and moving walkways. It has the grade A qualification of elevator manufacturing, installation, transformation and maintenance which is issued by National Bureau of Quality Inspection, it is the leader in elevator manufacturing of China first-grade national brands, also  initiation Unit of Foshan elevator industry association.

          Under the correct leadership of Guangdong Province, Municipal Bureau of quality and Technical Supervision and Special equipment Association, our company conscientiously implement the laws and regulations of the state from the date of establishment, and strictly comply with the spirit of the "Regulations on Safety Supervision of Special equipment" and the new standard: GB 7588-2003.The company draws lessons from the advanced management idea and the advanced management method, diligently to realize the connection with international  , provides the first-class product and excellent service for the new and the old customers, at the same time the company constantly strengthens the staff comprehensive quality training and safety awareness education,and trained a group of professional and technical backbone, which can make he company into a standardized, institutionalized, scientific management model.  

          Our company is located in Yang He Town, Gaoming District, Foshan City, with a total area of 50 mu and annual output reaching 10000 units. The company has introduced the latest technology to China, equipped with strong technical strength to build the hardware and software of the high quality elevator control system, and keep developing in step with the Japanese market. The permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine is controlled by Japan Fuji technology, with high reliability, stable performance, environmental protection and easy maintenance, so the backward technology is eventually replaced by advanced technology. Referred to as VVVF passenger elevator, the world's more advanced AC speed control elevator, it takes the world's cutting-edge technology Fuji Japan VVVF system. The Hongkong Fuji elevator traction machine is built with the characteristics of saving electricity, less wastage, longer life, comfort, convenience and energy saving than ordinary VVVF. The accurate speed and ideal operation physiological curve of the arch lift make the elevator run smoothly, excellent comfort,low noise, and the leveling accuracy is +-5mm. Also, according to the requirements of customers, a new automatic leveling device could be set up. It is widely used in high-rise buildings such as hotels, office buildings, high-rise residential buildings and hospitals. It is a very ideal vertical transportation tool. The products are famous for their unique features, mature technology, high quality accessories, comfortable riding, safe and reliable, and many technical patents in Japan, Russia and other countries (regions). And gain the user's approval and trust at home and abroad. 

          Our company always adhere to the high starting point, high quality development strategy, Products are renowned for their stability, reliability and high cost performance in the industry. It has been widely applied in many famous enterprises and famous projects at home and abroad. after years of struggle and accumulation, Homefriend &Fuji Co.,Ltd Leaps and bounds to develop into one of the most potential enterprises in the elevator industry.

          In an informationalized, international and pluralistic society, every city and region is pursuing individualized functions and characteristics. Of course, Homefreind &Fuji elevator is no exception. In pursuit of individuality and advanced style in production equipment and processing technology, products are required to develop towards diversification and internationalization on this basis. As a new starting point,  Homefreind &Fuji elevator Co., Ltd. integrates the experience and technology from the fields of elevator, escalator, automatic sidewalk, building integrated management service into the technology of IT, environment, energy and so on. In the future, it will provide better and better service for people in a wider range. Homefreind &Fuji elevator Co., Ltd., as an elevator industry, with its own brand as its own responsibility, is advancing from the famous national brand to the world brand through its own continuous innovation and continuous promotion.

          We firmly believe that quality is the foundation of products, and technological progress is the key to the development of our company.

          Our company's service aim is: customer first, reputation first, reasonable price, quality assurance, and with full enthusiasm.


          Military management

          Everyone wants to be in charge of everything!

          As long as I am in charge of the company, our company must be: military management learning enterprise.

          Homefriend&Fuji Elevator Co.,Ltd. (JFUJI) follows the corporate mission -- to provide customers with more comfortable carrying capacity, for the employees, for the enterprise to realize the dream.

          The five star service concept is: "be prepared for the needs of customers."

          The focus of after-sales service is "solve the problem first, then divide the responsibility".

          The quality philosophy of the product is: "quality is the life of the enterprise and the quality is the soul of the brand".

          The life of enterprise is: person, product quality, product service.